The RASA LIFE ELIXIR line consists of a variety of blended elixirs, soups and tonics that support you to align your mind, refine your palate and tune in to your vitality from the inside out.


WHAT ARE THE RASA ELIXIR BLENDS? Our signature Elixir Blends are handcrafted with the aim to provide you a delicious and nourishing whole foods experience. Our seasonal fruit and vegetable blends are combined with hand crafted teas and a variety of herbs and spices that enhance the nourishing qualities of the chosen ingredients.

SEASONAL Our blends change with the seasons and are designed harmonize you with the energy of each season. Each season offers a new opportunity to check in and see how you can align the body-mind-spirit; with the season ahead. We look to the abundance of fruits and vegetables available each season to create the most balanced and tuned-in whole foods experience for you.

DO YOU USE ORGANIC PRODUCE? As with all of our food we use organic and, whenever possible, locally grown fruits and vegetables.All of the herbs and super foods we use are organic and consciously sourced from fair trade sources


SIGNATURE ELIXIR MENU: With our SIGNATURE MENU you receive 5 signature juices, blends and soups daily plus one Signature salad

WHOLE FOOD MENU: Our WHOLE FOOD MENU option is a heartier version of our Signature MENU. Each day you will receive a combination of our signature blends, delicious salads as well as various dishes like Morning Porridge and one gently cooked or high raw meal per day. We vary these offerings with the seasons.

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